Opening Day 2015

2015 NYS Trout Season is open!!!

Opening day saw bluebird clear blue skies with a brisk chill in the wind...temperature never reached above 32F...a rough start.....

3 Wild browns were landed and released, all fish were deceived a #8 Ugly dead drifted on the bottom.

First brown of the day!!!! Very stoked I even landed a fish under harsh conditions. 

#8 Ugly set properly!!

Second fish of the day...17" Wild brown with huge scar on head...possible victim of ice out or attack from a predatory critter!!!

Need I say more...yes I will...#8 Ugly finds the this pattern in your fly box???

Third fish of the day!!!...14" Wild brown.

ready for release!!!

Ice pack melt off...Icicles with tiny feet reaching for the water!!!! 

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